About CousticGlo®

Coustic-Glo® International are pioneers in the field of research and development of speciality cleaning and restoration products. 

We add a new concept to the building maintenance and renovation industry and our non-toxic and bio-degradable products will assist all institutions achieve their increasingly stricter targets for recycling and use of low VOC products.


Whatever your ceiling or wall problem contact Coustic-Glo® 
for the correct solution.

Corporate Profile

Coustic Glo International is the World Leader in ceiling and wall restoration. Formally incorporated in 1975 Coustic Glo® began franchising in 1982. Today in hundreds of markets throughout the US, Canada, Asia, Australia, Ireland and South Africa. Coustic Glo® products are proven everyday to offer the correct results and best value every time they are put to the test.

Our focus is the cleaning, sanitizing and restoration of all types of ceilings and walls as well as the restoring, repairing and replacement of common defects found in these areas. These problems are found in the interior of nearly every commercial building large or small in existence today. Even architects recognize the Coustic-Glo® service as being very beneficial and cost saving to building owners.

Coustic Glo® also offers service to the growing residential market and insurance fire restoration business and works directly with these companies as well as the owners to ensure only the highest standards and quality of repairs is provided.

Since the inception of Coustic Glo® over 40 years ago our Corporate Vision has always been to offer only the highest quality products and training and conduct our business with the highest morals and ethics.

The CousticGlo® difference

12 Reasons why you should CousticGlo:


1. The only Original OEM Specification Product with a 25 year warranty
2. Our colour is a brilliant white and is whiter than any other product on the market (including paints)

3. All performed in-situ with no need to move any of your furniture

4. No down time on staff

5. Our Air sanitising System reduces staff sick days and sick building sydrome

6. Flexible after hour’s service

7. Our product is a fire retardant

8. Will not stick grid to tile

9. Will not clog up fishers and pores

10. The most experienced ceiling restoration techinicians in the Country.

11. Our products are environmentally friendly

12. Erases discolouration and provides uniform colour on both tile and grid


Our Experience

Our team has over 50+ years combined experience in the industry and knows how to handle each ceiling with expertise.

Our Products

Our international award-winning products backed by a world recognised and renouned brand.


Our Warranty

Every CousticGlo® Ceiling comes with a 20 year warrenty and uniform colouring between tile and grid.