Alu Coat®

Aluminium Coatings

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Mullions | Window Frames | Door Frames | Aluminium Clad Columns | Aluminium Partitions | Architectural Aluminium Bulk Heads | and more

What is Aluminium Coating?

CousticGlo has created a new and unique product that not only coats but also protects and can recolour almost any aluminium surface. 

The Unique Coating

The UV resistant coating formulation allows the ‘closely linked’ nano molecular particles to bond directly to the aluminum surface in a two-step process.


With the added advantage of Nano-Technology, the coating is a lot more flexible than anodizing and powder coating, making it less susceptible to cracking or chipping. Irrespective of the surface being anodised, or power coated. After conducting various tests under normal wear and tear conditions (cleaning, rubbing taber testing, UV exposure, heat exposure etc.) coated surfaces were of sound integrity.









Alu Coat is a strong, durable Long Lasting protective coating.

High abrasion, corrosion and oxidization resistant.

Quality Finishes to either matt gloss or silk smooth.
Resistant to Peeling or Delamination.
Anti Corrosion Technology.
Dries to the touch within minutes and fully cures within 24 hours of application.
Available in a range of designer colours and sheens.
No need for detergents to clean coated surfaces, simply wipe off.
Coating is applied in situ.
A more cost effective solution than powder coating or anodising.
Will not fade/will not stain.
A tried and tested product complete with warranty.
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